For Rimac Automobili, designer and builder of high-performance electric sports cars and more, accelerating their R&D pipeline to design and deliver products using the latest EV technology would dramatically improve innovation and cost-efficiency. With UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform and HPC Containers in Azure Cloud, with 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors, Rimac Technology engineers discovered a simulation platform that is perfectly suited to enable faster and more effective innovation. When manufacturing companies’ projects demand heavy engineering simulations, unbridled compute power, or the management of data-intensive applications and workflows, HPC in the cloud is the answer.  
In this eBook, you’ll discover the numerous advantages offered by HPC in the cloud, and how it grants engineers access to the right computing resources necessary for running compute and data-intensive computer simulations. Learn how HPC in the cloud delivers the ability to:

Learn how HPC in the cloud delivers the ability to:

  • Scale cloud resources up and down with ease, rapidly adjusting to simulation needs   
  • Manage security effectively 
  • Control costs and increase competitiveness 
  • Shorten development times and improve product quality 
  • Increase engineering productivity dramatically, and more!

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High Performance Computing in the Cloud for Manufacturing Engineers

UberCloud High Performance Computing (HPC) in Azure Cloud, with 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors Is the Answer 

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